About Loyalty Pro

Loyalty Pro Ltd started offering flexible loyalty card solutions in 2006. Backed by Pro-Networks Ltd, who have been providing IT support to businesses since 2002. Pro-Networks Ltd is a Microsoft Gold Certified Solutions Provider.

Company Values

We believe in offering a personal service in order to satisfy individual business needs. Flexibility is a top priority. Improving individual companies’ profitability is our goal and for that reason, we do not provide our services to more than one business type in any particular area.

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We aim to put independent retailers on an equal footing with national chains and supermarkets in terms of competing for and retaining customer loyalty, while providing an advantage over their direct competitors.

Environmental Policy

Loyalty-Pro Ltd is committed to protecting the environment through best practice policies, which include but not limited to, the following:-
  • We use email and SMS to communicate with both our customers and their clients on their behalf, using paper only where no other option is available.
  • Over 95% of our support to our customers is provided remotely, preventing unnecessary site visits and fossil fuel consumption.
  • Our service vehicles are selected for their fuel efficiency and the manufacturers commitment to environmental policy.
  • We re-use or recycle all packaging and waste materials from itmes delivered to our premises.
  • We dispose of our redundant technology in compliance with environmental legislation.
  • We are committed to reducing energy consumption at our premises by installing solar panels to provide our hot water requirements, our oil fired boiler will be replaced by heat exchanger technology, our air-conditioning systems have been replaced with simple extractor fans.
  • Our products are designed to encourage people to shop locally, thereby reducing their carbon footprint substantially.

Contact us for information about our Loyalty Card Solutions and how it can work for you.

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About Loyalty Pro
LoyaltyPro Ltd have been a supplier of Loyalty/Reward systems since 2006. We are registered in England and Wales under company number 5907642 and have our registered office at Network House, St Ives Way, Sandycroft, Deeside, Flintshire CH5 2QS.
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Recent News
We are now able to offer Gift Card functionality either in conjunction with the the Loyalty Scheme or as a standalone Gift Card or Pre-Payment card system.

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