Why Loyalty Pro?

It’s true there are other loyalty schemes around, here are some great reasons for choosing Loyalty Pro.

Time is of the essence!
  • Quick Transactions and verifications, rather than daily updates
  • Offers interaction and feedback to clients instantly
  • Interaction at point of purchase: you can configure the system via website to send a message when a particular card is swiped

Tailor made to your needs
  • Completely tailored to your branding: Unique cards, vouchers, points summary, marketing and application forms designed to specification
  • Point allocation can be variable per card: Preferential/Staff Discounts/Other Groups
  • Cards can be pre-loaded with points: Used as gift cards or incentives for a new customer
  • Any currency
  • Any country with a GPRS/3G or 4G enabled network

Can be used anywhere in your store or beyond
  • The latest GPRS/3G or 4G technology is used to link the system to our database.
  • No telephone wires needed: you can place it anywhere that a Vodafone mobile phone can operate!

Built for your specific requirements
  • Complete flexibility over billing.
  • System can handle franchises, multi-store groups, individual stores, locational ventures and other business alliances.
  • Flexibility with voucher operation: Terminals can be configured to allow vouchers:-
    • To be redeemed against current purchases.
    • To be saved for future use.
    • To be printed to give to your customer.
Easy to set up and use
  • Works independently
  • No need to change or modify the business process
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Very competitive pricing: Many extra features and sophistication over other suppliers

Secure for your peace of mind
  • Backed by Pro-Networks Ltd, a well established Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider
  • Includes a team of mobile engineers and a fully manned help-desk
  • Works offline even if mobile phone network is down: No loss of data
  • Secure login to additional features on this web-site
  • Monitor any transactions or register new customers here
  • Your data will be safe: We use secure servers and very regular backups

Using what you learn about your clients
  • Website provides valuable marketing feedback.
  • Management Reports on footfall values, broken down into product types
  • Run marketing campaigns offering more % points for specific periods
  • Additional comments on vouchers, all controlled by yourself from the website
  • Loyalty Pro can run marketing campaigns on your behalf: Personalised post; Email flyers; SMS; a combination of all three

Contact Us for information about how it works or what you get


Will it work for me? - use the Loyalty Pro Success Calculator to find out.

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LoyaltyPro Ltd have been a supplier of Loyalty/Reward systems since 2006. We are registered in England and Wales under company number 5907642 and have our registered office at Network House, St Ives Way, Sandycroft, Deeside, Flintshire CH5 2QS.
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Recent News
We are now able to offer Gift Card functionality either in conjunction with the the Loyalty Scheme or as a standalone Gift Card or Pre-Payment card system.

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