Are you looking for the perfect Loyalty/Reward Scheme to improve the footfall and customer experience for your trading group?

Whether you are a retail park, a town, city or village, a business improvement district (BID), a buying group, or simply a group of like minded innovative store owners – Loyalty Pro has the solution to help you compete with the supermarket chains, and the on-line retailers.

The system uses “slatepoint” tablet technology at the counter, as detailed elsewhere on this site. Cards work in all terminals, but points tallies are held separately for each account, and rewards are only valid at the issuing store, allowing each trading group member to set their own level of discount, and their own rewards.

Our systems can deliver:-

For the Trading Group
  • Additional advertising of city events, which can be updated remotely whenever required
  • Comprehensive information of which shoppers routed through which streets and which stores they visited
  • A marketing portal allowing marketing to all card holders
  • A method for integrating other town/city facilities and services with the retail
  • Innovative Support for local Charities
  • A method of engaging visitors and tourists through rewards
  • M.I. to highlight the links between shopping habits and use of other facilities such as libraries, theatres etc
  • Improved city centre security and communications
  • Real innovation that the store holders appreciate

For the Individual Retailers
  • Increased footfall and repeat business
  • Improved customer in store experience
  • Additional advertising of your latest offers at the counter
  • A marketing portal allowing marketing to all your store customers
  • Improved store to store communications with other group members
  • A mechanism for checking ID
  • Shared cost of cards and technology
  • Complete control of the level of reward offered

For the Card Holders
  • A web facility for checking your points at all stores
  • Improved customer in store experience
  • Genuine rewards for being loyal to your local town or city
  • The Fun elements of collecting
  • Opportunity to accrue rewards for attending events, participating in fun runs
  • Green elements whereby points can be awarded for recycling
  • Improved city centre security and communications

For Everyone
  • A full set of resources to ensure the scheme is implemented effectively – including mobile IT engineers, project managers, wifi/mifi experts, developers, a fully manned helpdesk, and an electronic workshop.

Real Time!
  • Our systems operate in real time using 3/4G or WIFI
    • – no information needs to be stored on the card, so cards are much cheaper
Cost Effective!
  • Leverage the cost of the scheme via:-
    • Card sponsorship
    • Presentation screen advertising
    • Card Purchase
  • Our systems are proven and operating in over a hundred sites since 2007.

To understand more about the technology visit our How It Works Page
or for more information, call our team on 0844 414 1301

Loyalty Pro Explained

Click on the image below to watch a video explaining all about LoyaltyPro and how we can help you.

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We are now able to offer Gift Card functionality either in conjunction with the the Loyalty Scheme or as a standalone Gift Card or Pre-Payment card system.

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