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Our scheme Can operate as shared or separate rewards.

Here are some key benefits our scheme can offer in your type of business….
  • Incentivise and Reward visitors to your town
  • Run a loyalty scheme which works in any number of stores allowing them to choose their own incentives
  • Access a CRM database of your site visitors to market to
  • MI reports on your customers, in real time
  • Promote your centre on screen at your shop counters
  • Register new members directly on the tablets, centrally or within shops
  • Broadcast messages to all shops in real time
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Option 1: Separate Rewards
  • Cards work in all terminals, but points tallies are held separately for each account, rewards only valid at the sites of issued account
  • Each site can set their own level of discount, and their own rewards
  • Each site can market to all card-holders, or just their own purchasers. And/or, marketing can also be done by the central body to all
  • Sites can communicate to each other – for example broadcast shoplifting warnings to all sites
The advantage of this scheme is that stores share the cost of the cards and central marketing, but retain control over their own financial discounting.

Option 2: Shared Rewards
  • Cards work in all terminals, but points tallies on one list, with reward vouchers issued anywhere valid at all the sites in the club. Redeemed vouchers are returned to the central body and the redeemer credited with the amount (minus the agreed discount level)
  • This Option requires a much higher level of cooperation between the stores, as points values, reward thresholds, and level of discount must be agreed globally. Stores owners need to be happy to redeem vouchers from individuals who have never used their store in the past. There is more administration than option 1 due to the processes of handling the redemption
  • It is much simpler to get agreement from retailers for separate rewards, as they have control over their own segment, and businesses such as petrol stations with high volume but low percentage profits on each transaction are not precluded
The biggest advantage of shared rewards is that customers have a single points tally and can view their tally at all stores via a single web page.

Loyalty Pro Explained

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We are now able to offer Gift Card functionality either in conjunction with the the Loyalty Scheme or as a standalone Gift Card or Pre-Payment card system.

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